On the 6th of August 1945, the citizens of Hiroshima carried on with life unaware of their part to play in history. The feature focuses on a eight year old Japanese school boy, who has slept in for school and his last few moments before 08:15am; When ‘little boy’ was dropped it took forty three seconds to fall the unsuspecting people below.


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At-issue (2d background character animation) Dir. Drew Roper

I was contracted to create the 2D background character animation for a handful of shots, for the mixed medium (2D / 3D & Stop motion) Animation short film ‘At-issue’. My work was praised for its look and speed in which it was created, this resulted in my contract being extended and allowed to work on a secondary character (for one shot).


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Meerkash (Lead & Background Character animation) – Mobile Game

I was contracted to create the 2D background character run cycles and Lead Character animation for a new mobile game; ‘Meerkash’. The client was so pleased with my results, they extended my contract for the rest of the game to include the background environments.

WARD 29 (Animation test) SYNOPSIS

Set in a hospital corridor, two young brothers decide as a form of escapism to sit on a bench in a nearby corridor and watch the staff and patient go about their business.

The older brother concerned for his younger brother in these morbid surroundings; convinces his brother to use their imagination to transform this sterile environment into a lavished watercolour where patients in wheel chairs drive motorcycles, and where anything is possible – for a time.

RODDY the ROBOT: Teaching Avatar

A character was created using Autodesk 3ds Max & Ipi motion capture software, to feature as a running avatar and as a teaching resource for further education, allow students to witness its creation, and participate in its development.


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